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Men's Health

At Grosvenor Gardens Healthcare, our GPs are committed to promoting men’s health and the practices that support your goals.


Heart Health

Cancer Screening

Mental Health

Prostate Health

Sexual Health

Well-Man Check

Heart Health

Focusing on cardiovascular health is the name of the game in primary care. When considering heart health, we focus on the five modifiable risk factors for each of our patients – high blood pressure, high cholesterol, presence of diabetes, presence of obesity and the use of tobacco. Addressing each item and aggressively minimizing its presence is key when reducing the risk of heart attack and stroke


Cancer Screening

Screening for cancer (or for abnormal cells that may become cancer) can detect cancer before symptoms appear and when cancer may be easier to treat.  Several screening tests are recommended for men:


Recommended tests for cancer screening;


Colon check; Anyone between 45-75 years old, Anyone with family history of colorectal cancer

  • FIT: annual stool test

  • Cologuard: every three-year stool test

  • Colonoscopy: every 1, 3, 5 or 10 years


Lung check; Anyone between 55-77 years old, Anyone who has smoked for 30 years, Anyone who still smokes or quit within last 15 years

-Annual low dose CT scan of chest


Prostate check; Men over 50

-PSA blood test


Mental Health

Men present with anxiety and depression in unique ways. While women can express sadness with depression, or worry with anxiety, men often exhibit anger and irritability. Unfortunately, men are more likely to present with severe forms of depression and even contemplation of suicide. Men are more likely to treat our symptoms by indulging in alcohol or distracting ourselves in our work. At Grosvenor Gardens Healthcare, we make it a priority to focus on mental health and address various barriers. There are non-medication and medication approaches that we can safely use to manage symptoms of anxiety and depression. The first step in handling these symptoms is to make an appointment with your primary care provider to discuss your symptoms.


Prostate Health

The prostate is notorious for causing problems as we get older – there is essentially no way to prevent it! The three most common issues are an enlarged prostate (BPH, benign prostatic hyperplasia), prostatitis (prostate infection) and prostate cancer.

Symptoms of BPH include nighttime urination, urinary frequency or urgent, or the inability to maintain a good stream. We have several medications that are safe and effective.

Symptoms of prostatitis include pain and burning with urination, rectal discomfort and fevers/chills. This condition can be serious at times – therefore, it is important to get quickly evaluated and start antibiotics.

Prostate cancer presents differently for different people. It can be entirely asymptomatic, or it can present with the symptoms above. When this diagnosis is made, your primary care provider coordinates care between your urologist and other specialists (potentially an oncologist and radiation oncologist) involved in the case.


Sexual Health

Let’s face it, as we get older, our sexual function and interest change. At Grosvenor Gardens Healthcare, we regularly treat patients with erectile dysfunction, decreased libido or low testosterone. A thorough evaluation of your medical history and medication use can often lead us to understand why you are having certain challenges. There are several safe therapies that we can initiate in the office to improve your quality of life. If you are interested in further discussing your symptoms, please make an appt to see us in the office soon.


Well-Man Check

Annual physical/wellness examinations are vital to men’s health. These visits are important for early identification of risk factors, or anomalies, that may have a significant impact on your future health.

In addition, a wellness visit is a good time to review lifestyle habits, set up appropriate disease prevention services and age-appropriate vaccinations. This is also an ideal time for you and your doctor to discuss specific health issues, specific to men, such as prostate cancer screening, prostate enlargement, erectile dysfunction, and testosterone deficiency.

Many of the diseases that affect men can be prevented by healthy lifestyle habits. Some of these habits include healthy diet and consistent exercise, avoidance of smoking, keeping alcohol consumption to two or less per day, and reduction of stress.


Dr Omar Aziz Bakhsh BSc MBBS BSc (Hons) DRCOG DFHSH MRCGP

Dr Bakhsh completed his medical qualification from King’s College London, having been awarded a General Scholarship for outstanding performance in MBBS Part 2 examinations (2006), and graduating in 2010 with the maximum 4 distinctions available.

One of the few graduating students that year to be nominated by King’s College London to sit the highly prestigious examination of the ‘University of London Gold Medal for Medicine’, for which the award of ‘Proxime Accessit’ was awarded to him. 

Dr Bakhsh is a highly committed General Practitioner, still currently working multiple sessions per week as an NHS GP at a nearby NHS practice. In his current NHS role, he is the appointed Lead Clinician for Children & Young People for the local Primary Care Network (PCN), a leadership role involving direct collaborative work with the Paediatrics team at Evelina Children’s Hospital, a part of Guys & St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust.


He has worked in various medical departments in South London since 2010, including extensive experience at the emergency departments at St Georges Hospital and King’s College Hospital. He has worked in subspecialist areas within the NHS including Paediatrics, Care of the Elderly, Urology and Sexual Health, and has also worked in a challenging Mental Health inpatient setting at the world renowned Maudsley Hospital.  Dr Bakhsh therefore is experienced in managing patients of all age groups in a primary care setting, for both acute and chronic conditions, covering both any physical and mental health concerns.


Dr Bakhsh is a friendly and highly personable GP; he is a specialist in family medicine and endeavours to always keep his patients’ needs at the very centre of his approach.

Outside of clinic, Dr Bakhsh is a longstanding local Dulwich resident and therefore understands the clinical needs of the local population. He is a devoted father to his three young sons, and understands how to communicate with children of differing ages. He is a black belt in Shotokan Karate, and avid enthusiast of many different martial arts. He is also a keen guitarist in his spare time.

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