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Women's Health Dulwich | Children's Health Dulwich

part of Grosvenor Gardens Healthcare

Grosvenor Gardens Healthcare (Women's Health Dulwich and Children's Health Dulwich) serves the Harley Street region.


Maternity and Gynaecology 

Paediatric Services

Pregnancy Ultrasound 



Private GP

Grosvenor Gardens Healthcare provides general gynaecology care with compassion and sensitivity and provides comprehensive support and reassurance in pregnancy.


Our paediatric services provide a combination of clinical expertise and a calm reassuring approach to your child's health and well-being. Our caring and experienced GP looks after your family.


Our facilities include a modern and friendly clinic in West Dulwich, South-East London which provides a calm and relaxing environment, as well as state-of-the-art scanning equipment providing the latest in ultrasound technology including 3D and 4D ultrasound scans. 


We offer a range of pathology and genetics services such as Harmony and Panorama tests (NIPT Test) at Women's Health Dulwich. We work with The Doctors Laboratory (TDL) and Natera. TDL is a medically-led laboratory, established in 1987. It is the largest independent provider of clinical laboratory diagnostic services in the UK. TDL Genetics provide a comprehensive library of genetic tests, including the new Harmony Prenatal Test.


We specialise in the diagnosis and the treatment of gynaecological conditions such as menstrual problems, miscarriages, fibroids, infertility, contraception and menopause.  We perform gynaecology scans with extensive counseling.


Our maternity services aim to enable prospective mothers to have a positive and reassuring pregnancy experience. We are committed to promoting an environment of high quality, patient centered, safe care throughout the pregnancy. We aim to create a reassuring environment for you and your partner to discuss your needs, enabling you to be more confident during this emotional and important time. We provide pregnancy care of a type that is tailored to the needs of each woman. We perform pregnancy scans (baby scans)  by the fetal medicine consultant with extensive counselling. 

Our pathology and genetic services include noninvasive prenatal testing for screening of Down's Syndrome and major chromosomal abnormalities. Having completed an MSc degree at UCL with distinction in Prenatal Genetics and Fetal Medicine. Miss Berrin Tezcan, consultant obstetrician and gynaecologist, will provide you comprehensive counselling on the chromosomal abnormalities and genetic syndromes and will interpret the results of your blood test.


We provide our expert opinion and advice where necessary for our patients. There is no need for a referral letter from a GP or the NHS however if you wish us to contact your GP about your gynaecological condition and issues related to your pregnancy and scans, we can provide a comprehensive letter including your investigation results to your GP in order to improve the continuity of your care. We also provide second opinions often for clients in the NHS.

We fulfil the requirements of all regulatory bodies. 

We welcome both insured and self-funding patients. The NHS does a great job looking after the nation’s health, but you may want to choose how, when and where you get your treatment. Insured patients will need to obtain the authorisation number from their insurers. Most insurance companies will entail a referral letter from patient’s GP, before they can authorise their initial consultation.


Terms & Conditions: A cancellation fee of £50 will apply if you do not attend your appointment or if you cancel your appointment in short notice (within two working days of your scheduled appointment). 

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